Learn to play beach volleyball with us!

Learn to play beach volleyball with us at our new facility in Huddinge!

Next start  week 10, 2024. Tuesdays 16.00-17.30 and Thursdays 20.30-22.00. Sign up is open!

(Version in Swedish)

  • The course consists of 5  trainings
  • We have 2 beginner courses that start in week 10 and you choose one of them when you sign up. Tuesdays 16.00-17.30 or Thursdays 20.30-22.00. Sign up is open!
  • Perfect start for those who want to try, learn, and train in organized beach volleyball. 
  • Costs only 700 SEK (350 SEK if you are under 26 years!)

Get new friends

Sharing an interest in a sport is a great way to make new Swedish friends!

”As an expat in Stockholm the indoor beach volleyball paradise The Beach made all the difference. I made lots of friends training beach volleyball there! Don´t miss the beach parties!” Andrew McClelland

Training Quality

Our ambition is that the participants in the basic course will develop their game level at a rapid pace under the leadership of the best coaches in Sweden. Several of our coaches are elite players with lots of championship medals and international merits. Information for the big group is normally in Swedish but individual feedback is in English.

Throughout the years we had lots of international customers speaking different languages many of whom continue to train and play ball with us. The most important language is body language when showing the moves.

Sign up is open!